Small Garden by John Brookes book review

Hundreds of brilliant ideas for small spaces.

Photo copyright Small Garden by John Brookes.

If you have a outside space, however small, in town, suburb or country, design and style can transform it for your use and delight, writes this books author John Brookes.

In a chapter called ‘Living Rooms’ the book suggests that planting is just one of the design elements of a garden. It might contain sculpture, some water and a minimum of planting. On the other hand there can be an enormous attraction in creating a dense jungle in a tiny urban space.

The key to realizing the potential of your small space, in both visual and practical terms, is design. This involves planning and styling your space so that it suits your way of life, as well as the character of your home and its surroundings. This book is packed with pictures of attractive patio and garden areas from which to get ideas.

John Brookes tells us to “Think of your space as an extension to your home”. An outside room where you can eat, read, admire a view, or watch your children play. The key is to ask yourself how you want to use your ‘room’ and then set about making it a pleasant place to be.

This is a must have book for a small garden or a small designed area. There are detailed photographs to inspire the reader with styles and designs for most types of outdoor space, whether you love partying, cooking, drinking, playing or relaxing.