Vegetable Growing Month-by-Month book review

The down-to-earth guide that takes you through the vegetable year.

In the introduction to this book author John Harrison says “When I set up my allotment website I became aware of how many people were growing their own vegetables for the first time. These new vegetable growers were looking for a simple, straightforward guide, written in plain English that told them what to do and when to do it.”

This is exactly what John Harrison has provided in the paperback sized book. Don’t expect a coffee table book with lots of glossy pictures. This is a handy sized, low cost book that you can keep in your potting shed to refer to as needed.

One suggestion that appeals to me as a self confessed idle gardener is “little and often”. Half an hour with a hoe one evening and half an hour sewing the next evening is better than planning an entire day in the garden at the weekend. This short time in the garden gives you time to wind down from the stress of the day.

The opening chapter answers the question “Why grow your own vegetables”. The first suggestion is that gardening is a wonderful form of exercise, and it saves the expense of going to the gym. Another suggested benefit is to the environment, because the food has not travelled far to get to your table. Then there is the fun and satisfaction you can get by growing your own.

In the chapter entitled “Where to grow and preparing to grow” the author tells us you don’t need a huge garden in which to grow your own vegetables. He tells of a friend who lives in a third floor flat and grows salad crops, tomatoes, carrots and beans on her balcony and even managed red cabbages in a pot. If you get on well with your small garden you might decide to expand on to an allotment as John Harrison did.

However small your garden, this book will help you to get started with vegetable growing.