Frogspawn and crocuses Spring is early in my garden

The frogs in my garden seem to think that spring is here even though it is only the last week in February. The frogs have been mating and frogspawn has appeared in our garden pond.

Lots of plants are coming to life and putting out new shoots. The crocuses were putting on such a brilliant display that I felt compelled to take some photographs of them.

3 thoughts on “Frogspawn and crocuses Spring is early in my garden”

  1. Yes, frogspawn in our gardern was early this year too. Now it has all gone, noticed this last Wednesday, 16 March 2011. Pond had been full, when I looked on 16th it had all disappeared. Yesterday I decided to clean out pond and when I had extracted 2 watering cans of water noticed 2 small tadpoles and stopped what I was doing. Pond is rather posh for what is known as the pond. When I moved into the house 17 years ago the pond was a 2 lt ice cream tub. About 5 years ago I put in a planter that is approx 9″ deep, 9″ wide and 20″ long. I cannot have a larger pond as the new shed and extension have only left me with a space of 15 ft by 12 ft.

    • It is interesting that you got frogspawn in such a tiny pond Jan. I have just had a look in our pond and the first lot of frogspawn has hatched with tiny tadpoles swimming around. Other frogspawn that appeared later is still intact.

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