Secret pond life

What wildlife is lurking in the pond? My pond does not have any ornamental fish so it is a haven for many types of wildlife. In the Spring dozens of frogs appear from nowhere to do their mating. When the frogspawn has been laid they disappear back to whence they came. Where they live I do not know because I do not come across them during normal gardening activities. The pond is now busy with tiny tadpoles. When these become tiny frogs they will also disappear just like their parents.

I was looking out of the back room window earlier and the sunlight shimmering on the pond made me reach for my camera. I was taking a picture of the terracotta frogs on the pond wall when I noticed a real frog looking out of the water. The frog stayed perfectly still while I took her picture and was still there a few minutes later when I went back to get a closer shot having reviewed the ones I had taken.

When I enlarged the pictures on my computer screen I realised that the frog was not alone. On a leaf just above the frogs head was a tiny insect with a scorpion-like tail. Maybe the frog was waiting patiently for the insect to come within range of her tongue. What do you think?

Three terracotta frogs on the pond wall.
A real frog. Can you spot the tiny insect above the frog?
Is the frog waiting for the insect to come within range of her tongue?

2 thoughts on “Secret pond life”

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